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Isco 4 XL Anamorphic Lens with Motorised CineSlide

Anamorphic System - "For a true Wide Screen Cinemascope Home Theatre experience" This world class kit consists of an Isco Lens (Arguably the words best) and the world renowned CineSlide motorised sled. (requires Anamorphic ready projector) CALL US FOR ASSISTANCE & ADVICE (More information)

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Isco & CineSlide
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Product Details

ISCO (Anamorphic Cinemascope Lens)

ISCO produces anamorphic lenses for home theatre use in the same manner that they have been produced for movie theatres around the world. The idea of bringing all of the projector's light to the screen and not compromising resolution is paramount in today's world of high-definition digital projection technology.

CineSlide (Motorised Sled)

The advantage of using our 1.33x anamorphic attachments in converting aspect ratios is that they optically decompress 16:9 native format to 2.25:1 Cinemascope format. All of the projector's light and native resolution can then used to create a full-framed image, not unsightly ?black bars" at the top and bottom of the screen. ISCO produces this anamorphic attachment in 1.33x

Cineslide is the premier anamorphic lens transport system.

The CineSlide? is designed to do one thing and do it very well. Move an anamorphic lens into and out of the path of a projector. It excels at this task and does it quickly with repeatable, extreme accuracy. Moving the anamorphic lens is no longer the huge inconvenience and distraction in the home theater experience.

The CineSlide? includes these features:

? Compatibility with all anamorphic lenses available today. The CineSlide? is optimized for use with higher end ground glass lenses by Isco but it compatible any lense. The CineSlide? flexible lens mount design will allow users to upgrade or change lenses in the future without having to purchase a different transport system. With its heavy-lens capable design, the CineSlide? is able to universally adapt to any anamorphic lenses.
? Each unit is hand-built with care in the USA, and carefully tested for proper performance.
? Custom mounts for IscoIII, and IscoII lenses are "slide off - slide on" replacements to the stock tabletop mount. Isco owners slide their lens off the original posts and slide it onto the CineSlide? posts.
? For Schneider lenses, the CineSlide? custom Schneider mounting system is a secure, fully adjustable, balanced, 2-post mount that is superior to the available stock mount (and costs less). Compare to the stock Schneider single post mount which can allow the lens to rotate into the path of your projector lens, where a collision could cause catastrophic damage to the lens andprojector.
? Repeatable, accurate positioning. The CineSlide? moves the lens to the exact same position every time. It's accuracy is much more than necessary, (+/- 0.001" typical)
? Quick change. Smooth, accurate motion repositions the anamorphic lens from "on" to "off" in just over 1 second. This quick-change capability is important to minimize the disruption to the viewing experience. It is now convenient to change aspect and lens modes even between movie trailers or DVD menus without having to wait on a lens movement.
? Automatic realignment and self tuning on power on. This eliminates the need for the end user to have to do any adjusting or tweaking of the lens once it is properly installed.
? Compact, lightweight, highly optimized and engineered design with aluminum construction.
? Industrial design, all parts are precision, industrial quality machine components like those used in industrial robotic systems. This CineSlide? includes a 100% custom built motor and advanced motor control circuitry.
? Quiet, smooth, precision ball-bearing based linear slide bearings. No plastic slide components exist in the CineSlide?. The CineSlide? bearings are designed for long life with continuous use by industrial robotics. They should last several lifetimes in a home theater environment. These bearings have negligible friction which facilitates a compact motor size and sleek design.
? Infrared (IR) remote control. Configuration files are available for both the Phillips Pronto remotes and the Home Theater Master line of remotes. An optional 8 device programmable remote control is available to control the CineSlide? or use to "teach" other high end remotes such as the Harmony.
? RS232 control. The CineSlide? accepts commands via RS232. It has a compact, modular type jack for interfacing to a RS232 control system.
? Dual 12v trigger interfaces. 12v triggers are provided for automated device power on/off, and to interface with "2.35 trigger" capable devices. This trigger will automate the movement of the lens position.
? Ultra low current design. Consumes 10mA when "asleep", 75mA standby/hold mode, only 400mA when traveling. Worldwide capable, low voltage, low current, and lightweight DC power supplies.

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