JVC DLA-X90RB 3DP - 3D Ready Full HD D-ILA Projector

Unprecedented visual sensations can now be realised with 4K-resolution realism as if one is actually immersed into the picture. JVC's professional projector business nurtured by its high-definition expertise has been integrated with e-shift technology to enhance the potential of home theatre projectors. The incredible picture resolution of 4K projection surpasses that of full high-definition to ensure a masterful reproduction of details as well as clear, realistic representations of texture. Now everyone can enjoy a remarkable viewing experience like that never before seen in a home cinema environment. (More information)

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Product Details

  • 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) D-ILA Projector
  • High native contrast ratio of 80,000:1
  • Minimised crosstalk for brighter, more realistic 3D picture
  • 2D-3D conversion creates dynamic 3D video content from 2D video sources
  • JVC original Real Colour Imaging Technology
  • Various picture adjustment functions ensure a high-quality picture
  • Convenient lens memory function
  • Pixel Adjust function corrects colour distortion in 1/16-pixel increments
  • Motorised lens cover automatically opens or closes the lens

In addition to a HD D-ILA device, the newly developed optical engine features new e-shift technology to realise a super high-definition 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) display. This means that unlike a resolution-upscaling technology for full HD projectors, 4K display performance drastically improves picture quality to ensure exceptional precision and full presence.

JVC's advanced image-processing technologies ensure high definition through the use of precise detection and restoration algorithms. The former analyzes pixel information within different areas of the frame; the latter restores the high-frequency components that are missing in a low-resolution image. Further quality enhancement is achieved via contrast correction and jaggy reduction. The overall result is a picture that looks real down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to JVC's original D-ILA driving method, Frame Addressing reproduces more colourful and vivid 3D video content with reduced crosstalk (image overlapping). What's more, this technology incorporates newly developed driving circuitry that helps to drastically improve image brightness. This means that with JVC's D-ILA projectors, anyone can enjoy breathtaking and impressive 3D video content just like that seen at cinemas, right in the comfort of their living rooms. An alternative driving method known as ?line addressing" utilises a fast-shutter approach, but when the shutters are switched between the left and right eyes, crosstalk can be generated where the left and right images overlap. This is because the shutter on 3D glasses is opened for a shorter amount of time compared to the D-ILA method, causing the picture to darken and lose brightness. However, JVC's Frame Addressing driving method draws images in a single frame at one time to enable the shutter on the 3D glasses for one eye to remain open for an extended period to realise a brighter 3D picture with less crosstalk.

The innovative Crosstalk Cancelling function drastically reduces crosstalk from intensity levels that are likely to generate this phenomenon by first analysing the video signal for the left and right eyes and then correcting the levels via an original algorithm. This ensures the reproduction of more natural and clear pictures that are easier on the eyes to heighten the viewing enjoyment of more realistic 3D video content.

To adjust for the parallax difference between each eye, this function finely controls image disparity between the left eye and right eye to ensure more natural stereoscopic reproduction with less distortion.

The real-time 2D-3D converter featured on JVC's IF-2D3D1 Professional 3D Image Processor, which has earned an excellent reputation in fi lm and 3D video production/editing studios, has been modifi ed for home projector use and is now featured on the DLA-X90R/X70R/X30 projectors. This means that 2D video recorded on camcorders and from TV broadcasts can be converted into 3D video instantaneously for home stereoscopic viewing enjoyment.

3D effects, especially depth characteristics, can be adjusted to match the content source or viewer preferences.

Subtitle distortion generated during 2D-3D conversion can be rectified.

Real Colour Imaging Technology accurately detects film colour specifications to optimise colour replication and heighten picture quality to reproduce colours that are as faithful to the original source as possible.

JVC has succeeded in creating an exclusive colour profile from video content by accurately analysing colour information to reproduce images faithful to the original source. By combining this colour profile with the array of picture modes, users can enjoy up to twelve different levels of picture quality.

Real Colour Imaging Technology also incorporates a Xenon-mode colour temperature setting equivalent to that of a Xenon lamp, a popular light source used in cinemas. This setting allows for the authentic reproduction of colours similar to those of film in cinemas, while using highly efficient and economical ultra-high pressure mercury lamps.

A 7-axis matrix of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and orange ensures the precise adjustment of hue, saturation, and intensity. The last axis of orange helps in enhancing the selection of the colour spectrum for skin tones. And for improved operability, only the colour being adjusted will be shown on the screen while the others are displayed in black and white.

This function records up to three separate lens adjustments for zoom, shift and focus that can be easily recalled when needed. Focus, zoom (size) and shift (display position) characteristics can be recorded for video content in different aspect ratios such as when using a CinemaScope screen size (2.35:1) or standard 16:9 screen and readily switched between each setup via the remote controller.

A unique automatic lens cover opens and closes upon power On/Off to protect against dust or damage to ensure users of easy, trouble-free operation via the remote controller, even if the projector is installed on the ceiling.

The Pixel Adjust function allows users to precisely correct colour deviation in 1/16-pixel increments*, and it is also capable of segmenting the entire screen into 121 points and adjust them individually to realise clearer video without colour deviation.

The flexible installation is made possible thanks to the 80% vertical and 34% horizontal powered lens-shift function. The projector also feature a high-performance 2X zoom lens with motorised focus that can project images upon a large 100-inch screen at distances of between 3.0 and 6.1 metres. With the high-performance motor, the once tedious tasks of setting zoom ratios and focus adjustments are now made simple and effortless.

The DLA-X90R and X70R are accredited with THX 3D Certification, which is established to ensure the precise reproduction of picture quality in home environments for both 2D and 3D content just as the original filmmaker envisioned.Encompassing more than 400 laboratory tests to evaluate a projector's colour accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing, this certifi cation helps to guarantee high-definition quality.*1 Ideal 3D screen-size performance is 90 inches diagonal (16:9).

The DLA-X90R and X70R are licensed with the ISF C3 (Certified Calibration Controls) mode, enabling trained dealers to professionally calibrate them to desired screen surfaces, lighting environments and video sources, and then securely store these precise settings into the projector. This not only helps to ensure the reproduction of film or video content accurate to the source but also excellent picture quality optimised for specific environments.

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