Thor B12R Green Board

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Product Details

Defend your electronic equipment and save power (and of course money) with Thor Technologies' Green Board - just flick the green switch to completely cut off power supply!

Most devices continue to consume power even in standby, so by flicking the green switch you completely turn off the power supply - saving electricity and extending the life of your devices. The Green Board is easy to set up: no batteries or setup, just plug in and go!

The B12R filters and cleans all incoming power and prevents EMI and RFI pollution via their Cascading dual bank isolation circuits - saving you from audio-visual glitches and equipment damage. When it comes to safeguarding your equipment, Thor make no wild or glossy promises: their products do what they say they do.

Main Features

  • Save Standby Power and Electricity with a flick of a switch
  • Simple - no batteries, no setup, just plug in remote switch to side of board (near logo) and all ready to go
    • Bonus - 2 x USB chargers built into remote switch
    • Cascade Filter Technology for crisper brighter picture & crystal clear sound
    • Two isolated surge protected banks with extra spacing for large adaptors
    • Bank 1 = 4 outlet Bank 2 = 4 outlets
    • 8 Outlets -all in the one compact board
    • Data & Aerial Protection With Cable TV connection
    • Fibre Optic And Broadband Compatible
    • Multiple Application Identity Tags
    • 6 Year Free Replacement Warranty
    • 100% Australian Owned And Compliant
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