Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver

Introducing a modern Hi-Fi component, effortlessly amalgamating the new generation of music listening such as high-resolution music streaming, with time-honored Hi-Fi quality. Drawing on Yamaha’s unmatched history in music and acclaimed Hi-Fi products, the R-N2000A will transform your living room into a space with breathtakingly beautiful sound. (More information)

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Product Details

Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver Amplifier...

... Pursuing the epitome of stereo reproduction in this component, the R-N2000A has adopted perfectly symmetrical, folding-book construction, with the power supply in the center and the power amplifier blocks at both ends of the main unit. This gives the unit ideal weight balance and suppresses adverse effects between channels for extraordinary channel separation. The result is remarkably pure reproduction of every part of the sound - just as is.

Toroidal Transformer

Usually reserved for flagship Hi-Fi components, the R-N2000A benefits from the technical proficiency and absolute musicality of a toroidal transformer. Combined with an array of high-end Hi-Fi features and components, the toroidal transformer assists in ensuring the musical emotion is conveyed to the listener. Moreover, a 3 mm brass base is sandwiched between the bottom of the transformer and the inner chassis to control vibrations in the transformer, delivering an overwhelmingly spacious sound filled with realism.

Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer

Environmental factors play an important role in the sonic signature of a room, and with any type of audio. Yamaha's own YPAO automatic calibration technique, refined over decades of use in Home Theater products, has been optimized for the R-N2000A to deliver the ideal listening environment, as if you were in a professional audio listening room - without requiring any laborious manual setting adjustments. YPAO features precision EQ, which performs exceptionally high-precision equalization with accuracy of up to 192kHz / 64-bit audio resolution. YPAO R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) works in tandem to actively control the important early reflection sounds, automatically adjusting and optimizing how the sound is heard in your room, depending on the materials of the walls and the speaker placement. Which means you can enjoy the profound sound and immersive feeling unique to Hi-Fi audio - right in your own living room.

Yamaha R-N2000A Receiver Specifics:


  • Rated Power: 90W x2 8ohms, 145W x2 4ohms (20hz-20kHz,0.07 THD)
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 100kHz +/-3dB / 20Hz-20kHz +/-.03dB (Pure Direct On)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CD): 110dB (Pure Direct On)

Inputs / Outputs

  • HDMI Arc
  • Digital Optical: 2
  • Digital Coax: 1
  • Analogue: 4 (CD, Line 1, Line 2, Phono MM)
  • USB DAC (B-Type)
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet
  • Bluetooth (SB/AAC)
  • Airplay 2
  • Pre-out: Left/Right & Subwoofer
  • Headphone Out
  • Control Trigger Out

Audio Features

  • YPAO - R.S.C. and precision EQ for ideal listening environment
  • MusicCast lets you stream from your favorite music services
  • HDMI ARC terminal for excellent TV sound
  • ESS SABRE ES9026PRO Ultra DAC for ultimate high-performance conversion.
  • Mechanical ground concept maximizes rigidity for expressive and rhythmic bass
  • Floating and balanced power amplifier and symmetrical construction
  • High-performance USB DAC function supports DSD 11.2 MHz native playback and 384 kHz playback
  • Original speaker terminals cut from pure brass for highly secure connection


  • Gorgeous level meters convey dynamics and music pulse with a nostalgic Hi-Fi era look
  • Original speaker terminals cut from pure brass for highly secure connection


  • W x H x D (mm) 435 x 157 x 473
  • Weight (kg) 22.1

Visit the Yamaha Australia Website for further information.

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