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Anamorphic - True Wide Screen Home Theatre

The Black Bars at the Top and Bottom of Your Screen are NOT Normal!

Do you hate those annoying black letterbox bars as much as we do? In fact we probably hate them even more, since we know that those black bars at the top and bottom of your screen means you've lost 25% of the brightness and resolution of your home theatre projector when watching most major motion pictures.

In order to restore the brightness and resolution, the image can be expanded vertically so that every pixel on a 1.78:1 (16:9) panel becomes active. This picture processing can be done electronically either with an external video processor, or with some of the most recent projectors which are capable of doing this vertical expansion. Unfortunately, the picture geometry now becomes distorted.











Standard 16:9 display with ugly black bars


In response to this problem, lens manufacturers have created an entire line of anamorphic lenses, motors and attachment kits that enable you to regain this lost performance, ditch those distracting black bars, and start watching widescreen motion pictures in your home with the same totally involving and immersive impact they have in the movie theatre.











Above: CineSlide mechanism with Cinemount and fitted with a Schneider lens.

Anamorphic lens systems enable the delivery of a stunning True Widescreen image that fills your entire field of vision.  Anamorphic lenses optically restores the original picture geometry. It not only looks much larger than when shown on a 16:9 screen, it now feels like film, not video.









                      The true intention of wide screen home theatre is finally delivered 


We all should be watching movies in original 2.40:1 ‘Cinemascope’ the way the director meant us to see it. 

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