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Acoustic Treatment - Home Theatre

Date 21st February 2020 Category Home Theatre   

Improving Room Acoustics

Regardless of the brand or how much you spend on the quality of the AV equipment for your dedicated home cinema or lounge room home theatre – one of the most significant performance limitations of the AV system - is the very room itself.

The reasons for this are actually quite simple.

1.Your room is constructed using hard materials to create very large flat surfaces.

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What is a Digital Smart Home?

Date 7th August 2011 Category Smart Home   

Well, many homes already have some form of digital technology be it a digital video recorder or digital TV but, a Digital Smart Home is a home that has been designed to integrate all of the homes systems through a smart wiring or structured cabling package. The end result is a Digital Smart Home allowing a home automation system to exist.

Why Install C-Bus?

Date 24th April 2011 Category C-Bus Lighting   

C-Bus allows you to incorporate control of AV equipment, air conditioning, motorised blinds, garage doors, sprinkler systems, keyless entry systems, pool or spa pumps, water features, security systems - you name it.

What is C-Bus?

Date 24th April 2011 Category C-Bus Lighting   

Those who live with a properly designed and installed C-Bus system will often explain to their friends and family that living without it would be like giving up their remote control TVs, microwave ovens, or remote garage doors

C-Bus - The difference between standard lighting

Date 24th April 2011 Category C-Bus Lighting   

With C-Bus, electrical current does not flow to the light switch