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Multi-Room Audio and the digital home.

A multi-room system is best installed during new home construction or renovation however new products have entered the market that gives home owners the opportunity to retrofit a multiroom system into existing homes.  If you are building...act quickly because your options will be greater and installation costs will work out to be cheaper.

A professionally Installed multi-room system may consist of between 2 to 32 zones of music. Yes...32 zones is possible but unless your bank manager visits you personally each and every time you make a bank deposit, 4 to 6 zones may be within your budget and is usually ample for the average sized home. Each zone or room will have speakers discretely installed in the ceilings. An outside zone is a must for BBQ’s and social events. There are a number of outside speaker options including marine grade speakers with stunning sound which can even be hosed down.

Multi-room systems are usually based around some kind of central music source. That may include a PC, iPod, Digital Storage Drive, CD Player, Radio Tuner, TV Tuner etc etc. Then by the use of powerful amplification system, your homes Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections pushes the music around to the various zones in your home. Attractive control key pads can be installed (one for each zone) or with some systems a hand held controller or an iPhone can be used.

The advantages of this are huge – you no longer have to spend hours trying to find the CD you want, or run around tuning every stereo in the house to the same radio station. Better still, different members of your household can listen to their own favourite tracks using individual room-based keypads or hand held controllers. It's a great solution for parties and social events.

You can listen to Pavarotti in the study, Michael Buble in the bedroom and Jimmy Barnes in the garage. Or you may choose to play the same sound track throughout your home.

A good multi-room system gives you music on demand...quick and easy. A multi-room audio system frees you from listening to your music collection that is usually buried deep in your hi-fi cupboard. It's truly one of the cornerstones of the digital home. 

Glen E. Browne

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