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What is a Digital Smart Home?

Date 7th August 2011 Category Smart Home   

Well, many homes already have some form of digital technology be it a digital video recorder or digital TV but, a Digital Smart Home is a home that has been designed to integrate all of the homes systems through a smart wiring or structured cabling package. The end result is a Digital Smart Home allowing a home automation system to exist.

Why Install C-Bus?

Date 24th April 2011 Category C-Bus Lighting   

C-Bus allows you to incorporate control of AV equipment, air conditioning, motorised blinds, garage doors, sprinkler systems, keyless entry systems, pool or spa pumps, water features, security systems - you name it.

What is C-Bus?

Date 24th April 2011 Category C-Bus Lighting   

Those who live with a properly designed and installed C-Bus system will often explain to their friends and family that living without it would be like giving up their remote control TVs, microwave ovens, or remote garage doors

C-Bus - The difference between standard lighting

Date 24th April 2011 Category C-Bus Lighting   

With C-Bus, electrical current does not flow to the light switch

Transparent Projection Screen Setup

Date 1st April 2011 Category Home Theatre   

Sound-Stage as Hollywood Intended It. Unlike a solid projection screen, acoustically transparent screens allow speakers to be placed directly behind it.